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We offer different rates depending on whether you are a section member, an academic, student or non-member. 

IAA Section Member

Normal ticket fee

1.400€ (VAT incl.)

Non Members

Normal ticket fee

1.650€ (VAT incl.)


Normal ticket fee

1.150€ (VAT incl.)

Academics & Students

Normal ticket fee

1.100€ (VAT incl.)

Please fill in the following information, as you make your selection, the form will automatically adapt.
If you need to make a correction, please restart your registration by refreshing the page.

Credit card is needed to finalise your registration - payment only by credit card.

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Your registration was completed successfully, but unfortunately, your payment was not completed.

No need to re-send your registration, we will simply send you a payment reminder in the coming days so you can try it again.

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Your payment was successful. Your event tickets are being produced and will be sent to your email address. Please check your spam folder as well.

For all support enquiries, please contact

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